• Heidi Lim (she/her)

    Heidi Lim (she/her)

    Lover of the environment and tech. Harvard '14, SF-based, queer Chinese-American, listens to way too much music. IG pics and Tweet enviro stuff: @HeidiHeidiLim

  • Caleb Ontiveros

    Caleb Ontiveros

    Founder of Stoa http://stoameditation.com/. Philosophy PhD dropout.

  • Nihar Patil

    Nihar Patil

  • Sandesh Hegde

    Sandesh Hegde

  • Deiwin Sarjas

    Deiwin Sarjas

    Director of Engineering @ Glia

  • Nikita Tovstoles

    Nikita Tovstoles

    engineer, entrepreneur, co-founder @ecorebates. “Inspiration is for amateurs - the rest of us just show up and get to work” - Chuck Close

  • Oisin Byrne

    Oisin Byrne

  • bee


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